A Semester at Casa Artom

General Description

Each Fall and Spring semester, a group of approximately 20 Wake Forest students live and work at Casa Artom, the University’s Venice Campus. Students take courses in Italian, Art History, History of Venice and two other courses taught by a Wake Forest Professor in Residence that semester.


Students pay current Wake Forest tuition and housing fees to their account on the home campus before departure. Students are responsible for airfare, additional travel, books and other personal expenses. Several travel scholarships are available through the Center for Global Programs and Studies.


Fall and Spring semesters. Students attend only one semester.



The Program Director at the Home Campus

Peter Kairoff, Professor of Music, is the Director of the Venice Program, and would be happy to answer any questions. kairoff@wfu.edu

General Information About the Courses Offered at Casa Artom

Courses taken during the semester programs in Venice are Wake Forest courses and are evaluated as such. All classes are taught in English, except the Italian language courses, which are taught in the target language. Descriptions are available from the university bulletin, or from the Professor in Residence for the semester.

As part of the Wake Forest curriculum, courses taken as part of the Venice program are evaluated in accordance with the grading system on campus.
Native professors are provided with a description of grades published in the Wake Forest Undergraduate bulletin and use the American grading system. The grades are reported to the Office of the Registrar.
Seven courses per semester are offered at Casa Artom: two taught by the professor in residence from the Main Campus and five other courses offered by the local staff (see below).

The professor in residence

Each semester a different Wake Forest faculty member serves as the Professor in Residence. She or he teaches two courses, lives at Casa Artom with the students, remains with the group throughout the length of the program, and is available to aid, advise and attend to students and their concerns during their stay in Venice.

Professors in Residence

– Prof. Charles Wilkins – History
– Prof. Caterina Cruciani – Economics
– Prof. M. Agnese Chiari – History of Arts
– Prof. M. Agnese Chiari – Walking Tours
– Prof. Shaul Bassi – Italian Language
– Prof. Shaul Bassi – Studies of Italy
– Prof. Roberta Cimarosti – Venice Today

Local Faculty members and courses at Casa Artom

In addition to the two courses taught by the Professor in Residence during the semester, five more courses are available at Casa Artom:
– Italian Language
– Studies of Italy
– History of Renaissance Art
– History of Venice
– Economics
– Venice Today