Current semester

Spring Semester 2023

Professor in Residence Dr. Alessandra Von Burg

PUBLIC SPEAKING – 3h (COM 110) – prof. Alessandra Von Burg
Students will learn the basic theories and techniques of public speaking, practicing speaking for various purposes and different contexts. Students will develop speeches on topics related to their time in Venice and the surrounding community. The students will research local topics, talk to residents, and connect to other classes, linking what they will be learning about language, culture, art, and life in Venice, to the public speaking skills from class.

CITIZENSHIP, MOBILITY AND TIME – 3h (COM 370) – prof. Alessandra Von Burg
This class will encourage students to go in more depth with the understanding of their presence in Venice and Europe as temporary citizens, as they reside in Venice longer than tourists, but not as long-term citizens and full members of the community. Students will read, reflect, and practice their own mobility, as they discover Venice and travel across the region, possibly beyond Italy, while developing an analytic understanding of their temporary role and the ways in which they relate to others, be they other Wake students, the local faculty and staff, neighbors and other residents, and tourists.

ITALIAN LANGUAGE (ITA 113 and ITA 153) – prof. Shaul Bassi and prof. Claudia Meneghetti

HISTORY OF ART (ART 269A) – prof. M. Agnese Chiari

HISTORY OF VENICE (HST 119) – prof. Monica Chojnacki

VENICE TODAY (HMN 160A) – prof. Monica Chojnacki

ITALY AND ECONOMICS (ECN 271) – prof. Caterina Cruciani