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May 9th-22nd Prof. Dean Franco (Contemporary Jewish Literature) 

English 302—Secular Cultures of the Jewish Diaspora

This course will study secular Jewish cultures, formed in Europe and the US.  The course does not presume “Jewish” is a stable constant, but that it is instead formed in relation with and shaped by the cultures wherein Jews have dwelt.  Typically, Jewishness is studied as a dialectical formation:  Jews dispersed from a homeland suffer atrocity and eventually return.  Jews of the American diaspora are presumed to wrestle with both points of this dualism, as they must locate themselves both at home in the US and in relation to the putative Israeli homeland. This course’s intervention is to study geographies of Jewishness outside of the dialectic of Israel and the Holocaust in order to examine distinct secular and diasporic cultural production of Jews in the US and Europe.  

June 6th-30th Prof. Peter Brubaker (Science and Exercise)

HES 353 Physiology of Exercise. This course fulfills an HES Major requirement or could serve as an elective course for non-HES majors interested in the sciences or the human body in general.  This lecture course presents the concepts and applications of the physiological responses of the human body to exercise/physical activity. The responses of the neuroendocrine, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and pulmonary systems to acute and chronic exercise are examined.  As there are no automobiles, Venice provides a unique opportunity to directly experience the impact of the “build environment” on physical activity levels.    

Excursions will include a guided tour of Palazzo Bo (including the anatomy theater) in nearby Padua, as well a 3 day excursion to Bolzano Italy to visit Otizi (the 5,000+ year old mummy) and to experience the effects of physical exertion (mt. biking and hiking) in the high altitude Dolomite Mountains.