back to archive October 22 - 23, 2016

The Cinema of E. Scola – International Conference

Conceived and organized by profs. Rémi Lanzoni

The symposium will offer a new look at one of Italy’s most famous Italian filmmakers and authors (born in 1931). Its purpose is to gather 12-15 experts of Italian cinema, of different backgrounds, who will contribute to the scholarly understanding of Scola’s legacy and his contribution to Italian cinema.

The Symposium on Ettore Scola will offer a brand new study on Italian cinema. Its central discussion will attempt to answer seminal questions to gain a more comprehensive vision of the different genres that Scola used in his filmic career, such as comedy and drama: what is the inspiration and influence of Scola’s early comedies, satires, and grotesque parodies? What is the relationship between comedy and narratives? Why do Scola’s comedies almost always include a minor yet significant dosage of (un)predictable tragedy? Does Scola’s filmmaking merely represent the product of literary ingenuity or the visual record of a quotidian human experience? Do Scola’s tales have any significance with regard to morality, human psychology, or any other realm of philosophical reflection? Can a narration or screenplay enlighten the readers/spectators about the complexities of human struggle? The second goal for the Scola’s Symposium despite a series of original contributions, is an opportunity for the intellectual exchange that will create unity, fluidity and points of reference among the essays for the final book project (The first volume ever to be published in English).